Thursday, 8 July 2010

The Innards of the Theatre

I must say, a lot of my passion goes towards the theatre, and I do hope that ol' Carts here will end up in Set Design eventually. So this project we were set, it was splendidly open for tonnes of ideas that I fancied, so I saw my chance to shine in my love for the theatre.
I spent a few days in London and got a dishy backstage tour around a few sets, and then it struck me, just how much work really does go into a play. I was in my element. I got back down to Plymouth and got started on the wonderful project.
So, what I wanted to portray to you lovely lot, was that whilst your sitting in your comfy red velvet seats ready with your tiny binoculars pointing at the stage - There is SO much going on behind that beautiful draping curtain that really is, The Innards of the Theatre.

A sketchbook later... and here we have a 3D piece. I wanted an interactive piece so that from a far the audience would notice the dress and the theatrical masks but as they came closer and had a peak in her corset, to their surprise, would find a world of ladders, rooms and lights, oh yes, all caged in by the lovely ribs she has of course.
I'd been really adventurous with this one, and thought I needed a 2D image as well, just to show that if it went into production I could have it as an image too.

... and Viola, The Innards of the Theatre.

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