Thursday, 22 July 2010

Bumting Bunting!

So, we've just been set an interesting summer task to do from Uni - choose our own theme and crack on with the research! After a long time of thinking (aka cups of tea, movies and ice cream) I have chosen Decoration! A LOT can be covered in this theme so it makes my life easier...
At the moment I am sewing 'Miniture Bunting' together to sell at the local Arts & Crafts fair in a few weeks time. My stall is going to be Bunting themed and I'm cracking on with paintings in the Tree House to sell as well! Busy bee, mee. I'm hoping to have 'light chit chat' with the buyers (hopefully there will be some!) and ask them rather casually "Yes this will look lovely over a fire place or a dresser, where do you suppose you'll put your painting/bunting up?" So then I can record their answers in my Visual Research Journal to get '1ups' at the final marking! Ticks all round, because we all know, the lecturers love that sort of business!
Enough rambling from me for now, Bunting, i'm ready for my close up...

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