Friday, 22 July 2011

Amazing Inspiration

I just have to share my fascination with the sets of Mulberry's latest Autumn/Winter '11 Collection. It's Captured so many things I love.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Little 'Tweaks' Here and There

The summer is great, and I've dived into my sewing and materials box and started to alter some bits and bobs that I have lying around. This is a Vintage Hat I bought a while back made by Edna Wallace. I've made it less rounded and shaped it forward with lovely bands to flatter the head shape. Looking forward to 'fall where I can rock this fluffy ensemblé.


June and July have been great fun. Joined a theatre group and helped paint and construct a set for a production called, 'Art' this month. Very simple set, but it was great to get involved with backstage and helping construct it!
Great News...they want me to design their next set. So excited.
(Thank you Sweeney!)

Second Programme this year, slowly but surely living the dream...